Just as my Signature Coaching program for personal development helps individuals, I can also assist your organization through professional development.
Let me work with your team on creating vision, setting goals, managing time and developing habits of productive people and organizations.

What training do you currently offer?

Success Habits Program

Objective: To create vision, learn how to set goals, manage time and develop other habits of productive people and organizations.

Sub-topics include:

  • Know your Purpose
  • Understanding Values and Determining Priority
  • Informal Leadership
  • Goal Setting
  • Time Management

The Program will include audio-visual teaching and facilitation, small and whole group activities, informational/worksheet binders per attendee, and Certificate of Completion for  credit hours of my Success Habits program.

Training is done through half-day or full day seminars. Topics are negotiable based on organizational needs.

How much does it cost?

Success Habits Program pricing

Half-day training (approximately four hours) – $1200 plus travel

Full-day training (approximately eight hours) – $1500 plus travel

Prices may be negotiable depending on organizational type and other considerations.