Arrange a free 30 minute conversation with Doug to discuss your current challenges,  determine where you would like to be, and to see if I am the right coach for YOU to get you there.

Why Personal Development Coaching?

We pay for many things that benefit or we think benefits us. Dirty house? Hire a house cleaner. Yard work? Hire a landscaper. Pool? Car? Plumbing? Meals? We pay for help in many areas of our lives. Some people with disorganized and poorly decorated homes hire professionals to come in, reorganize, and redecorate. Yet, many people have lives that are as cluttered, disorganized, and going nowhere as their homes are.
So why not hire a coach to help? You may think of several reasons. “I can do it myself,” one might say. “I don’t want anyone to know how bad it is,” another reflects. Still another might consider “I can call on my friends or family for advice.” You can, and you often do. My question is, “How’s that working for you?” And a better question, “How much more important is your life than is your landscaping?”

What is Personal Development Coaching?

First, understand personal development coaching is NOT counseling, psychiatric help, or therapy.
Instead of focusing on your past, coaching is about building your future through planning, accountability, and learning new skills and habits that have made other people successful through principles – timeless, universal, and permanent. By meeting face-to-face or virtually on a regular schedule, a coach teaches and talks you through steps and practices that will take you from dreaming about living better to doing it!

How can Doug help?

Through my Signature Program, I can teach you how to find purpose, set goals, plan, develop and practice the daily disciplines that will take you on your way to getting what you want in life.
Instead of muddling through dozens of self-help books or attending expensive seminars meant for large audiences, my personal development approach will be personalized to fit your needs.

Great! How much does it cost?

Personal Coaching sessions are $50 (two to four 45 minute meetings) per month.

You don't have an office. Where do we meet?

Coaching sessions are done face to face in a comfortable public setting, such as a restaurant, although most people prefer private Zoom or other virtual based meetings.